Cost of Attendance

Tuition Charges

Students at the Midwest college pay $1,160 per course. Having a course cost, instead of a per credit hour cost, helps students with their budgeting instead of having to calculate a varying number of credit hours per class, multiplied by the cost per credit, times the number of courses each quarter to determine each terms tuition cost. This makes it easy to see each quarter’s tuition. The mandatory fees for the program are quite low, with no additional internship charges. If a student has had prior learning in Western Biomedical courses from the health professions or TCM courses at another accredited college then overall tuition can be substantially less.

If you need to access federal student loans, consider them an investment in your future. You should not be afraid to take out federal student loans, but you should be smart about it. For financial aid budgeting, nine-month (3 quarter) budgets are usually utilized. 85% of the College’s graduates for the past four years are confirmed to be practicing acupuncture, and the current default rate is “7%”. The interest rate on federal student loans is almost always lower than that on private loans, and much lower than that on a credit card! You don’t have to begin repaying your federal student loans until after you leave college or drop below half-time.

Oriental Medicine Program (68 courses)

$1,160.00 – cost per course
$19,720.00 – academic tuition per academic year (three quarters)
$78,880.00 – total academic tuition (twelve quarters)
$2,595.00 – mandatory fees (see itemized list below)
$81,475.00 – total minimum program cost including mandatory fees
$82,000.00 – federally guaranteed loans available for those who qualify

Acupuncture Program (52 courses)

$1,160.00 – cost per course
$1,160.00 – cost per course
$18,096.00 – academic tuition per academic year (three quarters) +1 quarter @$6,032.00
$60,320.00 – total academic tuition (ten quarters)
$2,215.00.00 – mandatory fees (see itemized list below)
$62,535.00 – total minimum program cost including mandatory fees
$41,667.00 – federally guaranteed loans available for those who qualify
$14,375.00 – Pell grants (if eligible)

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Mandatory Fees

(included as part of the minimum program cost)

$65.00 – Application fee (waived if completed during a campus tour)
$115.00 – Per quarter technology fee (The College provides wireless internet and paperless midterms and finals.)
$75.00 – Per quarter malpractice insurance (The College covers each student for malpractice up to $1 million.)
$250.00  Graduation fee (does not include cap and gown)

Optional Fees & Charges

$100.00 – Transfer credit evaluation (waived during 1st Quarter)
$6,300.00 – Foreign internship (estimated cost)
$90.00 – Unexcused or retake exam fee
$.50 – Per day per overdue book
$50.00 – Audit fee per course
$100.00 – Late registration or class change
$50.00 – Returned check, declined credit
$50.00 – Late submission
$15.00 – Student I.D.
$25.00 – Missed exit interview
$50.00 – Per hour tutoring, mandatory for failed exams
$150.00 – Per quarter graduation extension
$75.00 – Proficiency exam fee/plus tuition
$50.00 – Submission extension after 2 weeks
$20.00 – Academic transcript
$50.00 – Audit fee per course
$35.00 – Transcript expediting (within 3 days)
$70.00 – Transcript expediting (same day)
$100.00 – Late payment

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Based on current rates and estimates, the total program academic costs are:

tuition $78,880.00 and $60,320.00; mandatory charges $2,595.00 and $2,215.00.00; and books and supplies, $2,250.00 and $1,700.00 for the Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture programs, respectively.

One or more optional fees will result in an increase in the total program cost. A one-quarter-enrollment agreement/receipt is completed each quarter. The one-quarter enrollment agreement/receipt and the current multi-quarter enrollment agreement should be read in conjunction with each other and together constitute the complete enrollment agreement.

Tuition is due at the time of registration each quarter. Late registration closes at the end of the first day of classes of a new quarter. Individual payment plans with a maximum of three payments per quarter may be arranged if the prior quarter’s payment plans were paid in a timely manner. If by the first day of classes, payments have not been made or a completed financial aid application has not been submitted, the $100 late payment fee will be charged. Students waiting for financial aid approval must follow the tuition policy explained above. Students, who do not make scheduled payments, will not be allowed to take midterms or finals or given credit for a quarter not fully paid for and will not be allowed to re-enroll in the next quarter until past due payments are paid. All money received is applied first to past due balances.

The Midwest College of Oriental Medicine (“the College”) reserves the right to respond to increases in operating costs by adjusting tuition per course and fee charges. All students will be given sixty days’ notice of any tuition/fee adjustment.

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